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Big Veggies and more..

20 Nov

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  Grad school suddenly crept up on me with a vengeance, I guess it felt I wasn’t paying enough attention to it.  But through it all I did still get some much needed cooking/baking in so that I could stay focused on school and keep my brain functioning.

I wanted to share one of my husbands favorite dishes with you.  This is easy, tasty, healthy, and you can make a huge batch of it to last through the week.  We call it “Big Veggies”

Cut up your choice veggies into big chunks.  Cauliflower, beet, potato and a head of garlic to roast are usually our staples.  Put them into a bowl so you can evenly coat salt, pepper, and olive oil on them (and other added spices if you like).  Place them in your biggest pan covered in the oven for about an hour.  Once they are mostly tender with a fork poke take the foil off and let them cook another ten minutes of so.  They are slow roasted and the flavors really come out strong this way, that’s why we don’t usually add other spices.  It’s nice to have excess oil in the dish, it makes a delicious sauce flavoring if you want to pair your veggies with rice or orzo.


Also I made a loaf of homemade bread a few weeks ago…. Very hearty and seeded.  I honestly don’t remember all the steps and ingredients, I just wanted to post it to tell you how easy it is to make bread, and so much fun.  It makes you feel so accomplished to eat your own bread.  All you basically need is yeast (different yeasts will flavor the bread differently), water, and flour (different flours of your choice will flavor the bread differently too).  You can also add in seeds, sugar/honey for the yeast, butter, etc.  But those first 3 ingredients are all you really need.  The reason people usually don’t make bread, I think, is that the planning time and time to satisfaction of when you actually get to eat the bread is very long. You have to make your dough and then let it rise until it’s double in size…or overnight even, in the fridge.  Then you pound it down, shape it how you want it into the dish you want to bake it in and let it rise again.  You finally cook it once it has risen the second time.  Again, it doesn’t take much effort, just time and planning.  Check out my loaves…they were seeded with flax, sesame, and poppy and were very hearty (all whole wheat flour), they packed a punch toasted and dipped in hummus.

After 2nd rising

Before 2nd

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