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Burgers, Fries, Hot Dogs One Dollar!!!

20 Nov
French fries

Yesterday I was walking around Times Square, bombarded with leaf-letters, street hollers, food carts, people, an air of frenzy, etc…  I usually stay  very focused on the side-walk in front of me and blank everything else out since I want to make sure not to step in unexpected piles of dog crap.  But my ear did perk up when I heard a man standing infront of a “gyro” shop handing out fliers and saying, “Hamburgers: One Dollar, French Fries: One Dollar, Hot Dogs: One Dollar!”  I said, What?!  How can they all possible cost the same price?  Doesn’t that show how skewed our food system is when a hamburger; presumable the flesh of a cow, a bun, condiments, maybe some lettuce, tomato, and onion cost one dollar and an order of fries is also one dollar.  Now either french fries are ridiculously over-priced or more likely the hamburger and hot dog alike are extremely subsidized, highly manufactured and under-priced, and the true cost is a hidden one.

Oh and my fear of stepping in dog crap is a real one, just a few minutes later I was in a crowd watching some break-dancers and suddenly the crowd opened up and in the empty place where people had been standing there was a center pile of dog crap…with an attempted cover-up of newspapers and tons of little feet prints spiraling out from the source.


Soy Milk Pricing

23 Sep

 Something is amiss here….

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